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Professional military genealogy research by genealogist Ann Swabey, based in London England.

We are expert in all manner of military research, including service records, war diaries, muster rolls, medal records and POW records. And expert in research of British prisoners of war ww1 and ww2 prisoners of war records.

We perform military genealogy research into the careers of officers and soldiers for the period 1790 - 1920. We have successfully researched and produced reports with copies of original documents for numerous clients in the UK and Worldwide.

British prisoners of war ww1 and ww2 prisoners of war
Our military research includes publicly available ww2 prisoners of war records and detailed ww1 war diaries.

We come highly recommended by Regimental museums in the UK

The Sherwood Foresters

The Worcestershire Regiment

Kings Own Scottish Borderers

National archives military records
The majority of our Military research on British Army service records and other records, as well as Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and Royal Air Force service and  other records takes place at the National Archives in Kew, however we also carry out research at the India Office of the British Library in London..

● Military records search and tracing service records includes the following:
Military service records ● WW1 medal records ● army medal records ● WW1 service records ● WW2 war diaries ● medal citations ● prisoner of war questionnaires ● merchant navy records ● war service records ● soldier service records ● WW1 war diaries ● all available series of records for the Army


British army military records research UK
Some examples of how we can help provide a fuller picture of an Ancestors or close relative's service history through our military records search service. 



We can search surviving Muster Rolls for a man's Regiment if he served in the British Army between around 1730 and 1898, amongst the National Archives military records. Muster Rolls give a quarter by quarter account of where a man was serving and when, include disciplinary and medical matters, details of promotion and demotion, dates of  enlistment and discharge, and can provide information on a man's birthplace.


They are a highly useful source for providing details of a man's service and act as a very informative addition to a soldier's service records.


World War One

We can, in most cases, establish which Regiment and Battalion a man served with in the British Army in WW1. 

We can provide copies of War Diaries for the Battalion a man served with. 

War Diaries provide a day by day account of where the Battalion was serving and what they were involved in and really give a picture of what your Ancestor experienced.


World War Two
If you have details of a man's Regiment and Battalion from his British Army service records we can provide copies of War Diaries to provide a day to day account of what he would have been involved in. 

We can also supply records of a Royal Air Force Squadrons activities during the Second World War.


Please contact us if you would like us to  carry out a military records search on any of the above


British military records.

We welcome enquiries from all over the world.

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● Family history researcher and genealogy uk


As a family history researcher, we can successfully trace your family history through our family genealogy search systems which are especially thorough tracing family history in the UK.


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We have meticulously performed family history genealogy for many clients, much to their delight!
We offer truly comprehensive military genealogical research and results in the UK.
British army military research and army records and family history searches through National Archives in London.

Photos courtesy of WFR Museum

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Professional genealogist based in the UK near London. Family history researcher and military researcher, expert in all areas of military research and comes highly recommended by Regimental Museums. We carry out research at the National Archives in Kew for clients all over the world.  Specialists in military records for WW1 and before, such as searching for and tracing British Army service records, medal records, War Diaries and Muster Rolls, British Prisoner of War records, Merchant Navy, Navy and RAF records.  We carry out genealogy research in the UK, tracing family history and provides a full report.