We search British prisoners of war records and ww2 diaries and all military records in England. We research military records for ww1 and provide in-depth military service records searches for ww2 Prisoners of war and ww1 war diaries. Ann Swabey military genealogist in UK

Military and Family Research ● 14 Cambridge Road ● Ashford ● Middlesex ● TW15 1UF ● Call: Ann Swabey 01784 256703

Military genealogy research UK

Genealogy researcher Ann Swabey references for genealogy and military genealogy in the UK.

I engaged Ann on a number of military and general genealogy research projects over several years.

The results provide provenance for artefacts, art and militaria, which have a commercial value.

Consequently, any research must be of the highest standard, thoroughly researched with integrity and with trust that all avenues have been explored.

Being able to satisfy the most challenging of auctioneers and collectors that everything is appropriately represented is the ultimate test of Ann's ability!  

You will not be disappointed in what is an outstanding, prompt and value for money service.

Pete Merrill

Photos courtesy of WFR Museum

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Professional genealogist based in the UK near London. Family history researcher and military researcher, expert in all areas of military research and comes highly recommended by Regimental Museums. We carry out research at the National Archives in Kew for clients all over the world. Specialists in military records for WW1 and before, such as searching for and tracing British Army service records, medal records, War Diaries and Muster Rolls, British Prisoner of War records, Merchant Navy, Navy and RAF records. We carry out genealogy research in the UK, tracing family history and provides a full report.