We search British prisoners of war records and ww2 diaries and all military records in England. We research military records for ww1 and provide in-depth military service records searches for ww2 Prisoners of war and ww1 war diaries. Ann Swabey military genealogist in UK

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Genealogy researcher Ann Swabey references for national archives WW1 WW2 war diaries and WW1 service records and medal records military genealogy research UK.

Ann has completed quite a lot research at Kew for me over the past few years, which has involved both genealogy based research in WW1 era, as well as that for my own regimental interest in WW2. Through her efforts I have gained knowledge of entries in Medal rolls, service records, citations, war diaries Prisoner of War questionnaires, merchant navy records and even street directories.

Not only has she advised me on what is possible, she has gone out of her way to ensure that all avenues were investigated. When documents had not survived, as sadly is often the case, Ann has exhausted alternative sources on my behalf.

Her fees are very reasonable, cheaper than other researchers I contacted initially. She has always advised me of additional costs upfront and I always received copies of paperwork promptly upon receipt of payment.

I would highly recommend Ann to both beginners and to more advanced researchers who wish to gain access to archived material. Indeed, she was able to lead me through so much of my initial work and clarify what was available in the public domain, that I felt inspired to start my own commemorative website.


Photos courtesy of WFR Museum

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Professional genealogist based in the UK near London.  Family history researcher and military researcher, expert in all areas of military research and comes highly recommended by Regimental Museums. We carry out research at the National Archives in Kew for clients all over the world.  Specialists in military records for WW1 and before, such as searching for and tracing British Army service records, medal records, War Diaries and Muster Rolls, British Prisoner of War records, Merchant Navy, Navy and RAF records.  We carry out genealogy research in the UK, tracing family history and provides a full report.